Wednesday, 26 June 2013


This month I have been working on an animation for the 11 Second Club which is a monthly animation competition where you get given a piece of sound and you have to animate over it. The voteing will open soon so wish me luck. If you want to see it then click the link below.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Food GIFs

Pizza Running Gif photo Pizza_run_zps7840c9d0.gif  photo Chips_run_zps8d8569f3.gif  photo Drink_run_zpsbb45d171.gif Cake Running photo Cake_run_zpse9e68fce.gif Burger Running photo Burger_run_zpsaa4ec2f3.gif   

This week I have been experimenting with GIFs. I made and animation for an online competition where I had to create a loop of animation base on a word and the word was Food. This selection of running food feature in the animation that can be seen here -

I really enjoyed doing this and now I know how to o it I may do more.