Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Cross-stitch Postcards

As Part of the Degree show at Staffordshire University there is another show called Fringe that is happening along side it. Details can be seen here

For this all the Arts students have been given the chance to enter a post card design for the show. So I have decided to do some cross stitched post cards. I had a long think of what sort of thing I would like to do and finally settled on a backstitched image base off my power of 9 animation.

I did some designing and came up with this -

So this was the pattern I used to create my postcards. After many hours of stitching I finally finished and ended up with these,

I am really happy with them and cant wait to see them in the show.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I love finishing things!

I have finally finished my to projects. Here is a link to the flower temple -

Me, Becky, Adam and Chloe are all very happy with it. Aaron also really enjoyed it  and we are hoping to put it into festivals in the coming future. 

You can also find out about Aaron and what he does by clicking here -

He has also put together a band which can be found here - 
Tumble Like Alice is hoping to play this song as well as others in the future. 

Me and Adam have also finished the Garden Gang as well this week. There has been ups and down but we have finally finished it. Here is a link to The Garden Gang -

We are very happy with how this turned out and we hope that we can get some where with it. I would like to Thank Louis Kennedy for letting us use the characters as we have really enjoyed animating them.   

You can find more information about Louis Kennedy here -

For Both of these project I would like to enter them in to some festivals to get our names out there.